Friday, March 27, 2009

"The Most Important Meal of the Day"

My Maxine calendar for today says: "Morning coffee...the most important meal of the day!"

I couldn't agree more -- especially in the cooler weather. And it is snowing/sleeting outside my door right now.

Lately, I seem to crave the frothy-ness of a latte (having spoiled myself with some of the coffee shop stuff- -- foolish woman).

So, I looked online for an espresso machine. YIKES! The price/sticker shock was almost overwhelming. In addition, mornings I work out of a very small kitchenette--no room for that big machine.

What to do? Sure didn't want to have to "froth" that stuff by hand with a wire whisk. Too lazy for that. Besides that much effort would certainly take all the enjoyment out of the latte.

And then, an "Aha!" moment.

In my cabinet I have an old immersion blender that I used mainly to make fruit smoothies and frozen margaritas. Then I went on a further hunt for the cup that came with the immersion blender -- it would be the exact, proper size to hold the cream close to the blades and whip it.

Now we have to take a little side trip. I said "cream" because I use cream in my coffee -- NOT a powdered, synthetic product that is full of artificial preservatives. I used to use the powdered stuff, then I decided that all those chemicals could not be good for my body. So, I just stopped using it. The real stuff tastes better, too. And if I want exotic flavorings? I just reach for some extract or, better yet, a liqueur.

The only draw-back to the immersion blender is there seems to be a very fine line between frothy cream and fully whipped cream. Now, the whipped cream is not bad, but I was going for the froth.

It is a learning process. But tasty.

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