Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Want an Inexpensive Electric Car

I know most of you probably don't read Mother Jones so you may have missed this about a new 3-wheeled vehicle.
  • Aptera 2e, a two-seater powered by an electric motor that delivers 100 miles of driving on an 8-hour charge from a standard outlet.
  • But the design that makes the Aptera so efficient also disqualifies the car from the Department of Energy's $25 billion loan program for ultra-efficient cars.
  • Aptera Motors went to Washington to show the feds why the reg needs to change.

I found it particularly interesting because there is a manufacturer of LSV electric vehicles in my home town.

BigMan's basic model
is, to my mind, a little pricey ($10,950) for what it is--an open mode of transportation (hey, the winters get cold around here). However, in the defense of BigMan, I believe they are not aiming their product at the average housewife running the kids to school, going to the market, picking up the dry cleaning, etc. I just happen to think a re-chargable vehicle for these short, short trips would be a good thing.

But, and it is a big "but", a certain level of driver (and passenger) comfort is essential--especially to us coddled American drivers. (Those damn winters again.)

Therefore, I would be really interested in the anticipated sales price of the Aptera 2e. Although, as a 2-seater, it would not do for delivering the kids to school, maybe for the errands.

Anyway, will they price it more like the Nano from India? Or will they take the route of the BigMan company pricing their product too high--even the used models.

Just asking.

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