Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mixed Nuts

Now here is an interesting site: "exposing the strings and catches in the fine print." And you can sign-up for a weekly newsletter. I wonder what "strings and catches" are attached? lol

And even another "watch dog" site. Their slogan is not nearly as catchy: " ...nonprofit Center for Media and Democracy strengthens participatory democracy by investigating and exposing public relations spin and propaganda, and by promoting media literacy and citizen journalism." They, too, offer you a newsletter.

Well, if UnitedHealth insurance company can't get you to buy medical coverage now, how about a little future coverage? They will offer you, not an actual policy of coverage, but instead they will sell you the right to be insured at some future date to be named later.

Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn't to me. Sounds like some sort of health-care derivative. Isn't that the gimmick that just brought down Wall Street mortgage bankers? Insurance companies have absolutely no shame.

If you support reform of the health care mess, PLEASE back a single payer system (MediCare for All). Get those d*%n insurance companies out of the equation!

And in the lest we forget department: On Dec. 3, 1984, more than 4,000 people died after a cloud of gas escaped from a pesticide plant operated by a Union Carbide subsidiary in Bhopal, India.

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