Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Little Lightness

My children were small when Sesame Street first went on TV. Being a good Mommy (and one who really disliked housework), I watched with them a lot. (Also, watched The Electric Company with Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader and the "Do not bother this giant person" sign. But that is for another time.)

Here is my favorite bit from the early years of Sesame Street.

For your enjoyment, and a lot of life lessons, I give you "The Alligator King and His 7 Sons."

"... 7 Rubies from the Sheikdom of Down-A-Beneath." What a line. What a place. Who thinks this stuff up?

And finally, "You didn't bring me diamonds or rubies, but you helped me up when I was down."

The kind of child any parent would wish for.

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  1. Do not... bother... this... gi-ant per-son. That's me.