Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Need Some Room

I have spent the last week learning how to use a "news reader" or "RSS feed reader." It was an education. Do you suppose I can put that on my college transcript?

Did we think that once we got out of "school," we would have learned everything we were going to have to learn? Actually, I never even thought about it. Learning was something I used to enjoy: Did it instead of a vacation (college summer school).

When I was "in the work-force," (by which I mean, when I was going to a corporate office everyday), it was much easier to learn all this "new" stuff. I mean, the amorphous "they" sent someone around to teach us. Or "they" sent one or more of us somewhere to learn it and then we shared with everyone else in the office.

This going and learning and bringing it back was usually the position in which I found myself. I mean, every time some one came around and asked, "Who wants to learn xxxx?" I always put my hand up. In fact, my hand, to this day, starts up whenever the phrase "Who want to learn xxxx?" is uttered. I have to grab one hand with the other and sit on both. Or, once again, I will have volunteered to learn something.

I want to quit learning. Or I want to learn how to clean out the old files in my mind. The lumber in the attic is getting stacked really tightly. Hard to find what I need. And shoving new stuff in is getting harder and harder.

Maybe that is my problem. I cannot let go of the stuff I no longer need. I still remember how to program in COBOL. (Yes, I tried it the other day.) And then there is that pile that is DOS. And a certain amount of BASIC. And several useless accounting programs. And a couple of data base apps.

Can anyone tell me how to make some room?


  1. Oh my sister - I too feel your pain. I have forgotten COBOL. And BASIC. I had to. It was hurting my head and I really didn't need it. I have an old saying that will come in handy:
    Don't let anyone rent space in your head for free.


  2. Deb, thanks.

    You are too, too correct. My problem is actually doing the booting out! Being the child of Great Depression parents, I tend to always think, "I might need that someday." But, of course, I won't. lol