Saturday, November 29, 2008

Democray Demands Action

Allan Uthman over at Smirking Chimp has a very good blog entry about us, U.S., all of us and our great slide into tolerance for abuse of power. He also includes the little tid-bit that Bush told Scott McClellan that he (Bush) was responsible for the Valerie Plame leak. I missed that announcement: man (Bush) should be in jail.

In addition,
  • Reports abound that scores of loyal [emphasis mine] Bush mid- and low-level appointees in many departments are in the process of “burrowing,” that is, changing their job status from political appointments, which change with each administration, to career civil service positions, which will make it hard for Obama to fire them when he takes office. The object is clear: to surround Obama with hostile operatives, hamstringing his agenda at every turn with leaks, foot-dragging and other forms of sabotage. Smooth transition, indeed.
  • The fact that Bush, Cheney, and the rest will walk out of the White House and back into lives of decadent opulence and ballooning bank accounts is a shame, a damn shame of historic proportions. And the shame is ours. Bush is the worst outlaw ever to occupy the White House, and it is not enough that he simply leave.
  • We all hold our breath and ... allow the most craven, criminal administration in American history to keep right on pillaging our laws, our money, and our collective sense of decency right to the end. We, as a nation, are a miserable failure.
Go read it. If this account doesn't make you mad, nothing will.

Every citizen in the land--including Republicans--should be in the streets as Molly Ivins suggested banging pots and pans and demanding action.

We should be biting them all on the ankles. Or kicking them on the shins. Or tweaking their noses. Whatever it takes.

We must not simply return to our recliners and let Obama do the heavy lifting. He can not do it alone. The forces of evil are even now aligning themselves against any good, beneficial changes.

We need to take all the energy we poured into the election and keep writing/e-mailing our Congress people telling them what we expect them to do. Even when they are Republican and we know they will not only ignore us, but also even fail to give us the courtesy of a response.

"cc" each letter to whomever ran against your congress-person in the last election; "cc" your state Democratic Party office, too. Do it.

If you are reading this, you know how to use a computer. Find the address of your representative and both of your senators. Put them in your contact list. Use those addresses. Keep using them. Put this act on your daily or, at least, weekly to do list.

Do not let Congress slide back into their cess-pools and fail to do anything constructive for this nation. We have had that for 8 years.

Democracy demands action--NOW.

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