Wednesday, November 19, 2008


All you Okie women look here. This Oklahoma Women's Coalition looks really good to me and I will be watching them & reporting more as it develops. The dues are right @ $25 per year.

I was going to join immediately, but found I had to download then print-out the application form then fill it in by hand then find an envelope then address the envelope then find a stamp that is still valid then write a check for the dues then put both the application form and the check in the envelope then take it to the PO.

Nope, won't do it. If they can't offer online application and payment (via credit card or even PayPal), I just don't want to play. Oh, I will probably cave and do the work, but I DON'T LIKE IT. Not one bit. Used the "Contact Us" button and told them so, too. If you are interested in their mission, go to their website and hit the "Contact Us" button, too. Tell them to get with the times!

Jim Hightower nails it again.
  • "for the past three decades, Washington has been busily redistributing our wealth upward to the richest one percent of Americans. Using everything from tax giveaways to trade scams, they've shoved practically all of the economic gains that everyone helped produce up to those at the top. Now, the top-heavy "tinkle-down" economy they created is crashing."
I really like the "tinkle-down." It so accurately describes exactly how the Reagan/Repug/NeoCon/Compassionate-Conservative economy "works." Been tinkled down on lately? "Don't tinkle on my boots and tell me it's raining." You get the idea.

Then ole' Jim knows (just like he had been reading my mind) what to do:
  • "let's spread the wealth into the grassroots economy, so ordinary workaday folks can lift our country up. One way to do this is with a massive, nationwide "Rebuild America" ... Let's enlist millions of Americans to repair our deteriorating roads, bridges, schools, parks, etc. – while also developing conservation programs, solar and wind power, plug-in hybrid cars, high-speed trains, and other essentials for a new green economy. Yes, this will be costly, but ... Money is like manure – it only works if you spread it around."

"Homeless in a Flash, Hundreds in Texas Now Wait for Relief" And now we have to learn that the Repugs still can't seem to get government right. It is more of the same for the victims of Hurricane Ike--very, very slow to no help; FEMA drops the ball; on and on and on! One survivor put it this way: "“They say they are going to try to get us an apartment or a hotel, but they are just rude people." Oh, goody, we are paying these idiots to be rude.

When this gang is gone from Washington, someone is going to have a compile a very compete list of all their lack of doing their jobs. That list will become a "Do Not Do It This Way" guide for every subsequent administration to come, forever and ever and ever. We can only hope.

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