Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Good News, Some Not So Good

Oh, WOW ! ! "Doctors have given a woman a new windpipe with tissue engineered from her own stem cells."

Good news for a change. I am not sure I can stand it.

And here is the White Paper from Sen Baucus on Health Care Reform 2009. The main problem I see with this is he hopes for "limited expansions of public programs"--and I am an old "single-payer system" gal, myself.

Ah, & now, in the I-knew-it-was-too-good-to-be-true department, big PhRMA is preparing to fight back against reform. Did you really think they wouldn't?

"A national television commercial [is] scheduled to begin airing next week...[to] undercut an expected push ... for price controls of prescription drugs. " & just so you know they are fair and balanced in their objections, "PhRMA would've embarked on exactly the same ad campaign if Mr. Obama's Republican presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, had won last week's presidential election."

In one last parting shot, PhRMA said "We've been moving the pieces on the chess board around for some time now getting ready for next year, and we've got a great game plan in place."

Their game, our money.

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