Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is going on?

I have been told I must stop assaulting my friends with my vague and wondering thoughts on various things I read. I must put them in this thing called a "link blog." Then those who wish to go with me on my ramblings can do so at their will & not mine. And, if they really want to know what I am thinking, they can subscribe and get "me" in their email inboxes. (This feature is under construction, but look for it later.)

Actually, Becky just wants me to blog .........

> I can try to forgive John McCain for some of his most dispicable campaign rhetoric. But, I don't think I'll ever forgive him for inflicting Palin on us. And now, she is schedulted for a $7 million book deal? For what? So next time she runs for National office, she will be rich enough to buy her own clothes?!? Well, actually that would be a blessing--the buying her own clothes, not the running for National office.

Phyllis Schafly offers an article (?) describing her take of why the Repugs lost the election. I guess it is nice to know they don't abandon their cherished beliefs just because they are wrong. If you read it, keep your extinguisher handy for when your hair sets afire! Oh, and be sure to read the comments; they are very inspiring.

Schafly says (& they still let her out and about?):
  • The women who cast off husbands look to Big Brother Government to support them. They vote for the party that promises more benefits from the Welfare State.
  • The feminists have carried on a 40-year campaign to destroy marriage. ... In the 1970s, the feminists achieved unilateral divorce on demand from state legislatures, unilateral abortion on demand from the courts, and unilateral control over children in the welfare class by taxpayer handouts to women that made husbands and fathers unnecessary.
  • The feminists have continued their campaign against marriage through ... the Violence Against Women Act which provides a billion dollars a year to feminist centers to promote divorce and oppose reconciliation. The act is based on [the] feminist ideology that women are naturally victims entitled to tax-paid legal and financial assistance, while men are naturally batterers who are not entitled even to due process protection.
Poor Phyllis; it must be very confusing to be a woman and a misogynist.

> NO, NO, NO. This is the wrong job for Hillary. She should be Obama's 1st appointment to the Supreme Court! This gives her as long as she wants to make a BIG difference in the things she holds most important. We can only hope if she takes Sec of State, she will resign when the next opening comes up on the Court.


  1. you had me at wild eyed ---

    this looks like it will be a fantastic post. Great idea Hillary too!

    keep writing -- Deb Brown

  2. Well, thank you, Deb. I plan on trying.