Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, Dear, I Was Wrong----

I once posited that upon leaving the White House, George Bush 43 would retire to a life of cutting firewood outside Crawford. Instead, he moved to Dallas and stayed hidden (as he should).

Now, we finally know what contributions he is finally going to make for the good of the nation and the world. He is going to paint. And paint.

And the world, my gentle snowflakes, was at peace.....well, maybe not. We are now in the 12th year of the Bush 43's wars. Dead in Iraq as of 4 March 2013 = 4488. Dead in Afghanistan as of  10 March 2013 = 3259. Total dead 7747. And enough wounded and maimed to populate a good sized city. And no end in sight.

Think about it:  That means that this year's (2013) graduating seniors have seen the United States at war since they were in the 1st grade. Quite a record.

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