Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Send Bill Clinton to the Senate

Now this is an idea I can get behind. Bill should be appointed to fill Hillary's seat when she takes the Sec of State position.

I have often thought about what Presidents should do after leaving office. I realize the job is extremely hard on the office holder, but with more and more of them being fairly young--in today's terms--that leaves a lot of life for someone as driven to accomplish as most were.

Jimmy Carter found his second (or third or fourth) calling in Habitat for Humanity. He won a Nobel Peace Prize. He writes. He speaks out to assure human rights around the world--especially voting rights (clean elections).

I am sure Georgie-boy will happily cut firewood until the land lies bare.

Ronald Reagan, of course, was already suffering from Alzheimer's when he left office. (Actually, he was under the influence of Alzheimer's before his 2d term ended, but that is fodder for perhaps another rant someday.)

Papa Bush is ever so happy to simply play golf.

But, Bubba yearns for politics even more than he did for the ladies. Let him work at his craft. He is good at it. No one can talk to people and make them understand things the way Billy can.

Oh, yes, send Bill Clinton to the Senate.


  1. I whole heartedly agree! This would make Hillary's move a good thing. I wasn't sure I was supporting that until this ingenious suggestion!