Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Medicare Vouchers?

Oh, my gentle snowflakes, I don't think so.

In 1964, when Medicare became the law of the land, only 50 percent of the elderly even had insurance and of those that did only fifty percent of those policies would cover hospitalization. That’s the free market! 

Old people, when they get sick, need expensive care. Old people aren’t attractive to private insurers even if they have more money than Ann Romney’s dancing horses’ Cayman Islands trust funds. 

Why on earth people think that the free market system has gotten "kinder and gentler" since 1963, and why any thinking person can believe that a voucher system isn’t the moral equivalent of marching grandma onto an ice floe and pushing her out into a frigid ocean, is beyond me. And, as a grandma myself, I don't want to go.....

No vouchers (even by another name) for Medicare.

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