Monday, August 6, 2012

Just One More Sign....

This past week, I experienced just one more sign that I am truly getting old!

My gentle snowflakes, I was driving down the street and I actually swerved to MISS an empty drink cup lying in the street!

Since I first started driving, as most of the teen-aged-drivers did, I have made it a test of steering acuity to plow across any empty cup I encountered--given, of course, a lack of oncoming traffic. But that day, I swerved.

As soon as I had swerved and missed the cup, I realized the implications:  creeping old age.

You can bet your bottom dollar that next time I am driving and encounter that well-known, rolling cup or plastic bottle, I will once again attempt to flatten any that I come across in the roadway. I am now aware and will not make that mistake again!

Fight it off as long as possible!

Medicare for All

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  1. ha, ha, ha! I will never believe you are getting old! that would mean i am also getting old, and it is just not possible! we shall carry on the good fight!

  2. Yeah! And a fight it is really beginning to be..... :-[