Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday as I was going to visit my 92 year old mother in the independent living facility where she now resides, I passed by a woman (about 80), who used to live next door, sitting in a chair in the common area. Guess what? she was using an e-reader!

As she had a different reader from the one I use (which is a ∩ook), I stopped to discuss the various aspects of each and why we chose diverse models.

Turns out hers had been chosen for her by adult children. But she said she likes it especially because she could access her email from it. In fact, she said she likes it better than her laptop for reading/writing her email. I didn't take the time for her to show me how the email works on her unit. Maybe I will go back and ask for a demonstration.

The ∩ook I use has the capability for email and it would do in a pinch. I can read email OK, but I find it way too slow for me to use to write email--the keyboard has no tactile response and, therefore, I make a lot of errors! Either that or I just haven't found the magic yet.

Periodically, I am reading a booklet called Nook Survival Guide. Actually, "reading" is too strong a word. I dip into it when I can't do something. In this case, I must follow my own advice: "When all else fails, read the directions."

All in all, the ∩ook is turning out to be a lot of fun. I even downloaded the app to read ∩ook books onto my mini laptop. Now, no matter which portable device I have at hand, I can read my book.

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