Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Trouble With "Tribbles"

[For all you non-Star Trek fans, I apologize for the title of this piece, but you have a google button. Look it up.]

OK, I love my ∩ook. I really, really do. I hardly ever move from room to room without taking it with me. I haven't carried a "book" with me this dedicatedly since I was in high school with a book report due in two days and a couple hundred pages still to read!

BUT it is wa-a-a-ay too easy to go onto Barnes & Noble website and click that button to "Buy." Consequently, my credit card statement is looking pretty grim (read large balance). Whoa.

Alright, it is a small problem of self-control. And I probably should have expected it--given my aforementioned love of books and reading and all. Oh, I thought, I will only buy a few. At a time, just a few. Thank goodness I started this escapade in the middle of my billing month!

Now, I am not asking for pity nor is this a solicitation for funds. I am just warning you.

I love my ∩ook. I really, really do.

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