Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here It Comes

DISCLAIMER: Once again, my gentle snowflakes, I don't have a dog in this hunt. I will be well ensconced into Medicare long before any of this magic comes down the pike. But....

I have stomped my feet, held my breath until I turned blue, screamed and hollered, made a genuine nuisance of myself, and written to every elected official for whom I could find an email address. For answers I got almost universally boiler-plate: "Thank you for your inquiry. Your interest/issue is very important to xxxxxxxxxxx [insert the elected person's name here]."

All to no avail.

For, this mess our ivory-towered congressional critters are about to offer up is not reform. What it is, is another HUGE bail out. And this time the bail out is for one of the most despicable sections of this country--the health insurance companies.

That mandate for every one of us to buy health insurance is just a real-l-l-ly big giveaway to the already incredibly profitable health insurers (read pay-back for all those campaign contributions). And we all know that those giving, caring health insurance companies will still find a way to kick people off, stop coverage, refuse to pay claims. All that new money and they will still act like the cruel, evil monsters that they have heretofore proven themselves to be.

I, also, realize that I frequently say, "You can't do more until you have done something." But, but, but..... this is hardly "something."

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