Friday, January 15, 2010


And if you don't put the "roof" up, it can hide an awful lot of clutter when unexpected guests drop in! Just drape with a really long tablecloth.

Wow! An unassuming kitchen table that stealthily transforms into a playhouse or enclosed fort. Can you say, "Imagination"?

My poor mother endured years of a card table set up and draped with blankets. Usually, she made me take it down every day.

As I grew a little older, my concoctions got more elaborate and intricate. They soon took over the whole living room and had several "rooms." Sometimes I could make the case for them to stay up for days. (Remember, this was before we had a TV! Old, aren't I?)

Someday, my gentle snowflakes, I may tell you all about the "playhouse" my sister & I made in the back yard out of a refrigerator delivery case.

It is nice to see that some things never change.

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