Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why No Public Option?

Mandating coverage of all, without a public option, is nothing more than a HUGE GIFT to the insurance companies.

47 million (roughly) new customers. Think about it. 47 million new customers. That's 47 million new customers to abuse, deny payment to, allow to die while waiting. That's premiums from 47 million new customers--much of it subsidized by tax payers.

Without a public option, the health insurance companies will be handed such a windfall of profits as has been heretofore unseen in this country.

The availability of health care for we the people will be no greater than it is now. The health insurance companies have been very bad players since the Clinton administration tried to force an overhaul in the early 1990's. Premiums have exploded. Payments made by them for care has diminished or vanished.

A mandate without a public option is like sending the uninsured through the mountain pass with no weapons with which to fight off the bandits (the health insurance companies, in case you don't get it). No cavalry to ride to the rescue. No ninjas to appear to save them. The bandits will make out like, well, like bandits.

Pheugh. (Please insert the dirty word of your choice here.)

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