Thursday, September 17, 2009

48 Assertions & Max Baucus

If you have received (say from you ever-so-caring Republican/Conservative/Christian Coalition brother-in-law) that email that has 48 claims about HR 3200, has put those claims through the fact checker, just for you.

Guess what? Included in the 48 claims are 26 LIES, 18 misleading statements, & 4 barely true things.

And yesterday Max Baucus delivered that bloody mess he calls a reform bill. Guaranteed payments for health insurance companies, guaranteed withholding from wages of "we, the people," extra taxes on our Form 1040's for the self-employed.

Yep, here we are ravaged, pillaged, plundered again while the insurance executives & stock holders make out like bandits.

Pheugh. (Please insert the dirty word of your choice here.)

What we really need is:

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