Friday, July 24, 2009

"Heck of a Job," Harry

Oh, goody, the Senators are going on vacation while the country goes up in flames.

Members of the lofty "higher body" are going to take 3 weeks to go water skiing and play in their sandboxes--i.e., attend fund raisers. Really, Baucus (D-MT) actually "hosts" "Camp Baucus," a dude ranch experience (for a mere $5000 "donation" per PAC--$2500 per individual).

Well, over those three weeks in America: These are real people. Us. Americans. Taxpayers. Voters. Why do we put up with this kind of crap?

The Senators all asked for their jobs, spent many hours seeking their jobs. So, now, why aren't they doing their jobs?

You can sign a petition asking them to stay.

Too bad the President can't require them to attend some kind of special session (as many state governors can their legislatures). Of course, that wouldn't be necessary if Harry Reid would just grow a pair and not allow the session to end.

Medicare for All.

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