Friday, July 17, 2009


Oh, my gentle snowflakes. I have a new toy!

After years and years and years of wine drinking, I bought myself a foil cutter. It is wonderful!

I would never have believed such a simple device could make such a measurable difference in the enjoyment of a bottle of wine.

Ever since I bought my first cork puller, I had convinced myself that a foil cutter was an extravagance in which I did not need to indulge. I was wrong. (Write that down. I won't say it very often--just ask my children, my first and second ex-husbands, even my own mother.)

Yes, I had struggled for years using my grandfathers old carbon steel butcher knife to score around the top of the bottle so that I could lift off (well, usually completely peel) the foil covering the cork. It always turned into a mess--at least it always looked like a mess.

This foil cutter cost less than $10. If you are a wine drinker, get yourself one--soon.

Ah, what am I drinking tonight? Why I am drinking a perennial favorite: Toad Hollow Eye of Toad. It is a nice dry rosé of pinot noir.

Now, all wines will go to screw tops. That's the way my life goes.

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