Monday, June 22, 2009

No Rant Today

I realize, my gentle snowflakes, that each and every one of you has been waiting with baited breath for me to climb up on my soap box and start another rant on the health care reform mess. You know, "Medicare for All*" or something like that. [*A really good, clear discussion, of Medicare expansion comes about paragraph 6 at the previous link.]

Well, you must wait some more. I do not know whether or not I will ever be able to gain the momentum to rant again on this particular subject.

You see, I am almost catatonic with disappointment. Everyday the single payer option is chipped and chipped and chipped. I fear for it's fate.

Although there is a "public option" in the House bill
, there is none in the Senate version. And there is no mention of single-payer in either. That does not bode well for the single-payer plan when the conference committee meets to try to mash the 2 different bills into something everyone thinks will pass in both houses.

Once again, we the American people are about to be screwed by Congress.

Then next election, we will vote 'em back in again--the very same a-holes that sold us down the river will once more sit in "those hallowed halls." They will be free to take their obscene "contributions" (i.e., PAYOFFS) from big Pharma, insurance companies, AMA, etc.

No wonder they laugh at us and refuse to do what we elected them to do.

Apparently, the average American voter has the memory span of a gerbil. And apparently there just aren't enough of the rest of us to make a difference.

Maybe, in a final effort to get their attention, we should require that members of Congress buy the same coverage they want us to use via this "reform."

I reiterate, I am almost catatonic with disappointment.

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