Sunday, June 21, 2009

I’ve Become Nostalgic for an Occasional Bug in My Salad

So, this must be our next great fight. (Is there no end? Why is there always another battle?)
  • ...factory-produced meat and vegetables — cheap, predictable food — [has] resulted in a profoundly unhealthy American diet.
  • in three Americans born after 2000 is expected to develop diabetes.
  • ...particularly unnerving ... leftover animal bits washed over with ammonia and ground into “hamburger filler.”
  • Agribusiness companies exercise huge political influence, and industry leaders often fill regulatory posts. The Food and Drug Administration consequently dozed, and the number of food safety inspections plunged.
  • Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times

Children die. Many others sicken. Why? Big, really BIG greed.

Am I the only one who has noticed lately that many, many, many of the current crop of troubles have to do with greed--shear, unadulterated greed? And also even more greed?

Anyway, if you didn't plant your veggies earlier, at least get in what you can for the fall.

Ask your local (as in not-associated-with-any-chain) nursery owner/manager, your local county extension agent, your grand-dad/grandma (or your Uncle Ed), any seller at the local farmers' market (or at least shop there continuously and consistently). Know the source of your food. Cook from scratch so you know what is in that pot pie you are eating.

People, people, people, we must start to eat more locally. Slow food. Raise your own. Buy from the farmer. Encourage the gardeners. Become one yourself.

Otherwise, "they" will continue to kill us for fun and profit.

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