Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to My World

My Maxine calendar for today says, "The only thing frozen that interest me is a margarita." Fine by me. Supposed to snow here tonight, at least flurries. I hate snow.

I must be tired. I can't work up a good rant even with all that Bush 43 is doing--taking the gray wolf off the endangered species list, claiming he did all anyone could do for the survivors of Katrina, insisting that he kept us safe from terrorists (well, only if you don't count 9/11), bemoaning the "bad" intelligence that led him to invade Iraq (of course, he cherry picked that intelligence, but never mind), ignoring the Constitution after he took an oath to uphold it, and on and on and on ad nauseum. Yes, I am truly, truly tired.

The days until Georgie-Boy goes home, not to Crawford and brush cutting--which at least is useful, but to an 8500+ sq ft house (nothing that big can be a home) in a swanky Dallas area, can not come soon enough. Of course, there will have to be gates installed on the road to keep the gawkers away. Never mind the traffic flow and who will have to take an alternate route every day just to get back to her house at night. And how many extra miles that route will be. Oh, well, they are all good Republicans in Preston Hollow; I am sure they won't mind.

Just a few more days, my gentle snowflakes, just a few more days.

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