Friday, January 16, 2009

128 Executive Branch Failures Since 2000

OK, my gentle snowflakes, here at The Center for Public Integrity is the whole, gruesome--and hopefully, final--list of Bush 43 failures.

Only 128? Why, that is only 16 a year.

What a bargain.

How lucky can we get?

The Center links each and every failure with support and explanation (in case, you didn't understand it when it happened).

God help us, how will we ever clean-up this mess? Is it even humanly possible?

On second look, and after clicking a few of the links, I have a few personal un-favorites. Signing Statements..., Veteran Disability Claims... (I mean, if they are going to start a war, they should, at least, plan for the resulting veterans' disabilities), ----- OK, I lied. ... -- I hate 'em all! Each and every one of them make my hair hurt.

Those of you who are forced by family and friends to refute the claims that Georgie-Boy was a good President may want to bookmark/favorites the whole site. It should come in very, very handy.

Check out a few, but take along your barf bag. It is a bumpy, bumpy ride.

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