Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Few Things I Came Across


The ABC affiliate in Norfolk reports that the Pentagon is adapting the Nintendo Wii for military use.

Super Mario Tank, anyone?

December 27, 2008 Clip Syndicate Video

This one should make all parents of teen-aged boys shudder--maybe girls, too. After all the Wii can be used by anybody.

God bless the Pentagon.


You're in a locked room with Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Vice President Cheney.

You have a pistol, but only two rounds.

QUESTION: What do you do?

ANSWER: You shoot that SOB Cheney twice.

The adaptation of the Wii for military use is probably his idea.


I also really like this email that's been circulating on the internet lately:

Imperial Japan couldn't do it .

Nazi Germany couldn't do it ..

Fascist Italy couldn't do it ...

Communist Russia couldn't do it ....

But in eight years George Bush brought the United States to it's knees!!!!


However, a CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll released 26 December 2008 found that
  • Americans feel President Bush's departure from office is coming not a moment too soon.
  • Americans don't like him, don't trust him, don't think he cares about them, and don't admire him.
  • The public doesn't think Bush united the country, doesn't think he brought about the change we needed, and believes he failed to manage the government effectively.
  • The scope of the public's disdain for Bush is almost impressive.
Now, if we can stop the herd from forgetting in 6 or 8 or10 years, just how angry they feel now. Remember, Nixon was "rehabilitated."

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