Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time to Eat a Little Crow :(

Ouch, my gentle snowflakes, I may have to eat crow, bite the bullet, swallow my pride, go against my ideals even. I will have to shop at Walmart. I will have to shop at Walmart to get sustainable fish. And let me tell you this, it makes me mad. I quit shopping at Walmart several years ago for various reasons--political differences, treatment of their employees, the fact that the Walton clan just does not need anymore money! Now, I will have to go to Walmart because it is near 100 miles to a Target.

I have quit buying frozen fish from my local market because all that is stocked there comes from China. Besides taking jobs from Americans, it seems stupid to ship the fish all the way across the ocean and half-way across the US to get to me. I know cat fish are farmed in Alabama and Mississippi; trout in Colorado; tilapia surely somewhere on this continent.

No Fish Tale: Sustainable Seafood At Target, Walmart
Click here to find out more!Wild Salmon from WalmartWho needs to make the extra trip to a pricey gourmet market when you can get your sustainable seafood at Target, Costco, or Walmart?

NPR reports many of the big box stores are now selling seafood with the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label, meaning it “comes from a fishery that’s met a rigorous set of standards aimed at promoting responsible, sustainable catches.”

According to the media organization, Target stores have gotten rid of unsustainable seafood (think Chilean sea bass) and farmed salmon (due to environmental concerns—wild salmon is available, instead), and are currently stocking 50-plus frozen and fresh seafood options that are MSC-certified or Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified.

At Walmart stores, some 73 percent of fish was sustainable-certified as of last January, and all seafood will come from certified fisheries by June, NPR adds.

Prices could potentially rise if demand becomes greater than the supply, but so far, a Target spokesperson tells NPR, prices have remained the same.

Sustainable seafood that won’t empty our wallets? And that we can buy at the same time we stock up on paper towels, frozen waffles and Qtips? There’s nothing fishy about that.
Walmart, here I come. Fish only. Nothing else. Cripes, I already have a headache just thinking about it.

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