Monday, February 28, 2011

Gloom, Despair, ... Excessive Misery

With apologies to Hee Haw:

This country appears to be doomed. T
here is no realistic way out of the proverbial hole we have dug ourselves into. Especially, since we refuse to quit digging.

Add that to the fact that the plutocracy has purchased the media, all of the Republican party, most of the elected Democrats - and a prevailing majority of the Supreme Court.

The plutocracy now controls not only the media message but the resulting uninformed electorate as well. The American people will continue to stupidly vote against their own best interests, and the implosion will continue to compound.

A perfect example is Scott Walker, elected in 2010, he is currently attempting to turn Wisconsin into North Alabama. His way is the way the laws are in Mississippi. Do you want your state to turn into Mississippi?

What about living in Alabama or Mississippi is appealing to you?
  • Perhaps the soaring teen pregnancy rate?
  • The high school dropout rate?
  • The proud ignorance?
  • The "right to work" at a brutally low paying job?
  • The crushing poverty?
  • The crumbling infrastructure?
  • The political corruption?
  • The seething racism?
  • The 49th ranked standardized test scores?
Please, be as specific as you can.

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