Monday, November 1, 2010

Hell in a Hand Basket

I sure wish this were a cheerier post. But, I am in a pretty black mood lately. So, since misery loves company, you are invited along for the ride. Here we go.

The country, apparently, has begun to actually value and reward stupidity. Why did we, as a country, begin to encourage stupidity? I don't want stupid elected officials. I want really smart people trying to figure out how to move this country to a place that is truly "a more perfect Union," where we "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." To accomplish this requires hard, thoughtful, consideration. Stupid can't do this. Apparently, stupid can't even read and understand it!

One self-declared news broadcast group and now political campaigns (which will thankfully be over soon--for a few months) have begun using statements to try to refute proven facts. And there seem to be no consequences for the lying. I guess I shouldn't be surprised there is no consequence for lying, we are still in 2 wars in 2 countries, neither of which sent an army, navy nor air force to attack this country. In addition, no one can any longer deny that we were taken to these wars by flat out lies.

There are no jobs. Unemployment is running out for many, many people who, heretofore, have literally worked all their lives.
It seems to me that despite Republicans saying the contrary, the real problem isn't the work ethic on the part of workers. It is the pay ethic on the part of employers. There isn't much written on the pay ethics side of things, is there? It isn't drilled into us the way "work hard, play by the rules" is. "Treat people well, reward hard work generously" isn't programmed into us during youth. Other advanced nations mitigate this problem with laws, but we know that is too much ask of our political class. In this country we have politicians who don't even believe the minimum wage is ethical. The minimum is too much! (Daily Kos)
There's more, but right now, I am just too tired to go on.

Sorry, no ray of sunshine here at the end. I told you ...


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  1. It does seem hopeless doesn't it? I am always amazed at the crazed look on the faces of family members of mine as they vote against their own interests election after election.

    We have to remember that the human species is a type of ape. We do not often look to apes as fonts of wisdom (even though there might be some wisdom to have from that source). Our ability to manipulate the world has outrun our ability to behave well in the role of our species....and we are reaping the results of that imbalance.

    We are the animals that have lost our way and many Americans are among the most lost of all.

    You are not alone in your dismay, not that such is much comfort.

    Back when Reagan was elected I was convinced that the majority of Americans that voted were whacked out......nothing I have seen since has changed my mind. But, I have to remember, the voters once elected FDR and JFK.

    But...that was long ago and maybe in a distant galaxy. :-)