Thursday, June 3, 2010

More First Amendment Rights

Ooooh, my gentle snowflakes, get out your aluminum hats. The inmates are running the asylum and the air ways are rich in wing-nuttery!
From 3 Jun 2010 Mother Jones:

Is there a covert government plan to forcibly evacuate up to 50 million people from the Gulf Coast and move them into FEMA trailers somewhere in Missouri and elsewhere because of the oil spill?

Last week, Greg Evensen, a former Kansas state trooper and a regular on the "Patriot" movement talk circuit, appeared on the Internet radio show "Shattering the Darkness" to warn listeners that government is moving to evacuate basically everyone from the coast of Texas to Cape Cod. Evensen says the move will come after these areas become uninhabitable due to an "oversaturation of benzene" from the chmical dispersants BP is using to try to clean up the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.
Interviewed by a man known only as "the Hawk," Evensen predicted on May 27 that the evacuations would begin sometime around June 15, after the government brings together "people who can be engaged in combat"—possibly including foreign troops—and stations them at 500-mile intervals.

The podcast of this show soon made its way into the Tea Party world and was circulating on various listservs this week, with headlines like "Forced evacuations of 40 million begin in less than two weeks. Anyone within a thousand miles of the Gulf of Mexico needs to listen to every word of this."

Those who did might have questioned Evensen's claims after he started discussing "previously unseen ground units," possibly made up of "alien hybrids" masquerading as US troops that were "emerging from areas in the Southwest and heading in an easterly direction." [Emphasis mine.]

From oil spill to FEMA camps to an alien invasion—it's the X Files gone green.
OK, gang, go read the whole thing for yourselves. It is wonderfully amusing.

But these people are serious and what's more, they inflame the feral herds of weak-minded right-wingers with
a constant application of Higher Hysteria. They frenzy the base, panic the populace and promise partisan salvation.

They are so-o-o lucky to have the protection of the First Amendment.

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