Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Jobs Plan

The Merry Month of May and nearly half of June have come and gone. The graduates have turned in their gowns and packed away their mortar boards or, at least, their tassels.

They have begun the job search.

High schools across the nation have spewed forth some 3 million youngsters of whom approximately only a third plan to attend college. Simple math yields about 2 million eighteen year old people adrift, looking for a job that does not exist, feeling very frustrated, possibly getting into trouble.

How about a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) for 2010?
  • Hire those youngsters.
  • Pay them and feed them.
  • Send them to the Gulf Coast.
  • Issue them proper protective gear for the task at hand.
  • Train them to use the protective gear.
  • They are young.
  • They are eager.
  • Many are also probably very environmentally minded.
  • Set them to work in the clean-up.
But, you say, where are they going to stay?

Well, I suppose tent cities could be erected. It is coming on summer in the south and other than hurricanes, weather is fairly mild, if hot. However, I suggest these workers be housed in one or more of the rapidly emptying hotels on the Gulf.


Or better yet, straight to Tony Hayward to pay personally.


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