Monday, June 28, 2010

Durable Products, ver 2

At least 15 countries around the world have either banned (even CHINA) or taxed single-use plastic bags, including parts of the United States.
  • Plastic bags are rarely recycled
  • They don't completely break down in landfills
  • They kill marine and wildlife
  • They can cause choking accidents and sometimes death in infants and toddlers
  • If left on dry-cleaned clothes, the plastic bags don't "breathe" which can cause the chemicals to stay in your clothing and then to leach into your skin
Currently, nearly 10% of U.S. oil consumption goes into plastic bags.

Get yourself some cloth shopping bags. They fold easily into a small foot print--I carry a couple with me all the time. Use them where ever you shop, for whatever you are buying. Take them to the grocery store, the drug store, the farmer's market, the library even.

Buy stuff that lasts!


  1. I'll 2nd that.... Cloth shopping bags are my constant companion.

  2. Oh, yes, GG, cloth bags are handy, sturdy and I feel oh-so-good when I don't have to take those hideous, slimy single-use plastic bags!