Monday, April 5, 2010

Real Problems?

"In the poorest regions of the world, exposure to kerosene kills one person every 20 seconds."

"Kerosene is expensive and highly toxic and eliminating the use of it is a huge mission for humanitarian designers."

The Solar Pebble is small enough to carry around, clip on the front of a bicycle, or hang from the ceiling of a home. With a 12 hour charge it can light a room for an entire day [or night?]. It can also provide a charge for a mobile phone in an area without electricity. (From Plus Minus Solar.)
I am thrilled that this handy little device does double duty--light & it will charge you phone!

Now, for the very best, best part:
...every purchase made in the developed world helps provide Solar Pebbles to people in the developing world. It would be perfect for camping or as a reading light and you’d use it knowing that someone else is enjoying the same clean light that you have.
It comes out in June from Plus Minus Solar.

So, all my gentle snowflakes who camp, or hunt, or fish late evenings or early mornings, or even have to go into the back yard during the dark of the night to check on the dog, check it out.

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