Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Not So Bold Idea

A great idea from Norman Goldman (fronted on his radio show): Go to the post office, buy post-paid postcards, write a personal message in your own handwriting about whatever federal legislation you're interested in, and fire it off to Congress.

You can find addresses on

Use whatever label maker you have on your computer--whether in a word processor, or a data base, or a dedicated label system--to print out a bunch or a page of pre-addressed labels with the names and addresses of your Representative and both your Senators. Keep them on hand. Use them on the post-paid postcards. Now, the process has become practically painless.

Keep the message short and simple. To Bart Stupak: "Shut the f**k-up, Stupid." (Sorry, but the man is a C-Street stooge.)

And, a bonus, the handwritten part is said to draw the attention of inside-the-Beltway Keystone Cops much better than an email. You know who I mean, those who can't decide if they represent us, their states or the country, and don't do any of the above well.

As an additional benefit, the purchase of post-paid postcards and the mailing thereof will help the failing, flagging, falling US Postal Service.

Get to it people!

I didn't vote for hope and change to run out of hope because I've seen no change.

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