Monday, March 22, 2010

Conservatism? We Didn't Like the Results

For those so-called conservatives "demonstrating" for the Tea Party "Movement."
  1. No one displaying the Confederate flag gets to lecture any other American about patriotism. Ever. Period.
  2. Those who scream homophobic epitaphs, the "N" word and then actually spit on--actually spit on--an African-American member of Congress, are certainly showing the true nature of their movement: Backwards.
But, not one Republican politician has denounced their behavior.

So concludes another chapter in the Big Republican Book of Moral Values and Personal Responsibility. And lest you think the Tea Party is not the bastard child of the Republican party, Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) said last December, ""We need to stop looking at the tea parties as separate from the Republican party."

As we have seen, the Republicans are chronically good at throwing a glass against the wall, and as eyes shift toward the crashing sound stealing the money off the table. Deception is second nature to them.

They scream and scream, but it all boils down to, "We got nothin', folks. Nothin'."

Nothin' but prepubescent ridicule and fraudulent fear. And certainly nothin' in the way of ideas, except extraordinarily dumb ones.

The modern "conservative" movement is nothing more than a massively funded and highly effective communications strategy designed to shift America into an oligarchy that functions for the super wealthy through massive tax cuts and for corporations through the elimination of safety regulations for the public good and through the privatization of government.

That's not conservatism, my gentle snowflakes. That's highway robbery. And, that's a crime.

If you've watched the news--even Fox--in the past eighteen months or so, you know that we now have a Democratic president, Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress and overwhelming support for Democratic--even, liberal solutions.

The country isn't center-right, no matter how many times Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or even Lou Dobbs tells you it is. Americans have pretty much told Washington that we tried the conservative way and we didn't like the results.

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