Monday, March 29, 2010

170 MPG -- Really ? WOW !

I am blown away by the possibilities. This comes from Inhabitat, the really, truly green people.
Valentin Technologies is exploring a different hybrid combination that promises a 5-passenger car with outstanding performance. While right now it is just a drivetrain concept, the combination of weight savings, aerodynamic efficiency, regenerative braking, and engine efficiency could yield an amazing 170 miles per gallon.
The hydraulic hybrid system of the INGOCAR (named after inventor Ingo Valentin) uses a small, efficient diesel engine not to drive the car, but instead to pressurize a high-pressure tank. Then, instead of using a mechanical drive train, hydraulic fluid under pressure is distributed to run hydraulic motors in each of the four wheels.
Real, live people are out there trying to solve the problems. Comforting, isn't it.

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