Monday, February 8, 2010

Even the Cubans Can Get It Right

This should be required reading for all Senators and Representatives.

If they see that the Cubans do "health" better than the good ol' USofA, maybe that will be enough catalyst to make our elected animals get off their keisters and really make some meaningful health care delivery reforms!
Cuba-trained students, unencumbered by the massive debt that plagues grads from US medical schools, have the luxury to do the kind of medicine that Cuba instructs — family medicine. The island's medical schools focus on nutrition and other preventative approaches. Cuba also is well known for its focus on the "social determinants of health."

Cubans also enjoy a better doctor-patient ratio than Americans: 59 doctors per 10,000 people compared to 26 for us.

Cuban life expectancy also matches that of the United States, its infant mortality rate is lower, and the island's HIV/AIDS transmission is among the lowest worldwide. Cuba's aggressive health-care delivery system also costs much less — around $200 per capita annually, compared to our $7,000. And it provides timely and primary care for every citizen — near universal accessibility.

To the Cuban government, health care is a right.
Hoh, boy, schooled by the Cubans. We really, really, should be ashamed.

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