Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hope, when it dies, dies in the gutter.
(Steven Weber)

Medicare for All!
[This is a new link to an actual bill introduced in 2007.]

Since it appears that whatever the Senate passes may be the bill the President will sign using the ping-pong strategy, some 1 (one) brave Senator should simply offer "MEDICARE FOR ALL" as a reconciliation bill.

If the Republicans won't ever say anything except "NO," go around them. Leave them standing in the cloak room pouting. Let them--and their DINO compadres--have their temper tantrums.

If you have ever dealt with a two year old, you have encountered the "Tyranny of the Tantrum." Someone in the throes of a tantrum is expressing a great desire for things to stay just the way they are. They don't want to get into the bath; they don't want to get out of the bath. They have trouble with change. When they are unable to keep things just as they are, they throw a tantrum. They cry, they kick and they scream. They go limp, or rigid, making it difficult to move them. They hold on to whatever is handy, and don't let go.

This behavior is one thing in a two year old, but in an adult it resembles nothing so much as insanity. Now, I get the whole "insane = disconnected from reality" definition. But there’s a huge difference between an illness that disconnects you from reality as a result of neurochemical processes and the condition of being willfully disconnected from reality because you don’t want to have your opinions challenged. One is an illness, the other is a character flaw, and the two ought never be confused. The problem is a lot of our terminology quite purposefully does confuse the two.

Remember, a bill sent to the floor as a reconciliation bill takes only 51 votes.

All in. All over. All done.


  1. It was hilarious seeing the 2-year-old repubs on the floors of Congress having their tantrums, shouting over the voices of the dems who had been given the floor for their chance to talk about the health care bill.

    I wouldn't have been surprised if they had put the hands over their ears, shook their heads and screamed, "LA-LA-LA-LA... I'm not LIST-ening!"

    Actually, it was more pathetic than funny.

  2. Yep, if it weren't so pathetic, and if it didn't have such dire consequences for our nation, it would have been laughable.