Monday, November 16, 2009

A Solution for 2 Problems


"Never lose battery power again! With the nPower™ PEG (Personal Energy Generator), you can recharge your handheld electronic devices while you walk, run, or bike. Simply plug your nPower™ PEG into your cell phone or MP3 player, carry it [the PEG device] vertically, and go."

(Scheduled to cost $149.00)

Now you can recharge your cell phone and get your daily physical activity (save yourself a visit to the gym) at the same time!

The rules are simple:

1. Buy Tremont Electricity's PEG
2. Throw your cell phone charger away.
3. Walk at least an hour a day so you can recharge your cell phone.
4. Get the exercise and energy life you need!

It just gets better & better. I am amazed by this device.

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