Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Wind Power

And, now, my gentle snowflakes, if you need less urban and more rural appearance to your wind turbine, and if you still want really high efficiency, then try the
RSI turbines. They look just like old-time, in your grand-dad's pasture, windmills.

Isn't that great?

You watch it turn, not hear it turn!

Power blade speeds mean much lower noise (one of the leading complaints of three-blade systems). Also, higher speed means higher friction (and therefore higher wear and maintenance concerns). The WindGen's lower rotation speed means a unit that is more dependable with much lower maintenance and one that is actually pleasing to live with!
Dependable and Reliable
The WindGen’s use of induction generators is well proven worldwide to be more dependable and reliable. In fact this technology is well-established and is commonly used in most of the larger wind farm turbines. Other small turbines use Permanent Magnets and small inverters.
“ON the Grid”, or “Off the Grid” WindGen is both!
The standard unit connects directly to the power grid, but the owner has many options. The WindGen inverter is oversized to handle large wind change events, which are common. Other small turbines that are grid-tie only, have a very small inverters. With WindGen the user can also add battery banks for going “off the grid” or just for more backup power (this option is built into the standard unit so you can add later). Also, the WindGen can be used with other forms of backup power, like Solar or any type of gen/set.
High Wind? No problem!
All other wind units have to shut down to protect their rotor glass blades and gear boxes from runaway(which in high winds can result in thrown blades or falling towers). The WindGen system has been thoroughly tested, and we stand behind our units. We know that rotor runaway is not an option. The WindGen uses proven “windmill design” but still keeps producing power, even in high wind when others have to shut down.
And another really, great thing about RSI? It is an an American company located in the "heartland"--south central Kansas.

It just doesn't get much more American than that.

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