Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bill, of the Golden Tongue

OK, Bill Clinton has pulled off a miracle. Hooray, I say. Hooray.

So, why isn't Pres Obama using him more in this fight for health insurance reform?

Bill cares deeply about this issue--and having him help accomplish this reform would, rightfully, allow him to claim at least a partial victory. So, he has no reason not to do it.

Bill has the golden tongue. He can explain any complicated issue in terms everyone/anyone can understand. He should be out there this August stumping for a single-payer system.

If he can talk crazy Kim Jong Il into releasing those 2 young women reporters (and he did), then surely Bill can out talk the crazy Republican shills who would deny health care to citizens.

Now it is time for Pres Obama to send Bill forth across the nation. Let Bill do what he is good at--talking truth to falsehoods. This is the kind of stuff Bill lives for.

Where are you bound, Charming Billy?

Medicare for All.

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