Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Dr Tiller Murder

For many, many years, it has seemed to me that those who are part of the "pro-life" (I prefer to call it anti-abortion) movement must have a tiny, little screw loose someplace.

They say they are Christians. You remember Christians? The followers of Jesus Christ? The Prince of Peace? The man who hated no one? The man whose only act of violence was against the money-changers? The man who said to love one another? Yeah, that Jesus Christ.

Yet these so-called Christians (the Taliban West) are the only people on either side of this who use violence to impose their will & view on everyone else. Bomb. Harass. Vandalize. Terrorize. Shoot. Murder. These actions are their stock in trade.

We who espouse choice are the only ones at the table who must fear for our lives.

Doubt not, anti-abortion is all about the subjugation of women.

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