Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lawn Care

Well, once again, I must admit that Maxine seems to have been reading my mail or driving by my home.

Wisdom according to Maxine from today's Maxine calendar:

"Time to start treating the lawn ...

................... I usually treat mine with contempt."

Yep, you can ask anyone who knows me --- yard work is not my thing. Neither is housework. Don't wash my car a whole lot either.

According to modern society (and most of my neighbors) this is some kind of character flaw. Yet, I wonder.

If things are too meticulously cared for, they seem somehow sterile and flat. I always thought, "Picture Perfect" a slam and not a compliment. Life is messy.

If what matters most is acquiring the latest "toy" or other material trapping of success, where are the pleasures of time, companionship or even solitude?

Here is a little observation I made while living for a time in a suburb: The quality of child nurturance in a home is often in inverse proportion to the amount of time and attention lavished upon the lawn.

So, how well tended is your lawn?

Maybe, your time would be better spent with your kids.

I promise, your lawn will not remember the afternoons you spend mowing.

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