Monday, April 27, 2009

Imagry of the Human Embryo

  • Did you know this photo by Lennart Nilsson was staged? Neither did we, until we read the University of Cambridge's online exhibit, "Making Visible Embryos."
  • The University of Cambridge explains:
    Although claiming to show the living fetus, [Lennart] Nilsson actually photographed abortus material obtained from women who terminated their pregnancies under the liberal Swedish law. Working with dead embryos allowed Nilsson to experiment with lighting, background and positions, such as placing the thumb into the fetus' mouth. But the origin of the pictures was rarely mentioned, even by ‘pro-life' activists, who in the 1970s appropriated these icons.
  • So, when anti-abortion activists are showing pictures of their "babies" to clinic clients, they're actually using pictures of aborted fetuses.

'nough said.

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