Friday, March 6, 2009

They May Be Talking, But Are They Saying Anything REAL?

Well, I listened/watched to the health care system overhaul sessions that were broadcast on C-Span yesterday and early, early this morning.

I now know who actually wrote that letter that McConnell and his compadres sent to the White House: the insurance industry. How do I know?

Everyone (even many Republicans) was trying to be positive and offer actual things that might be of benefit to getting more bang for our health dollar spent. THEN, the guy representing Blue Cross/Blue Shield spouts off -- almost word for word quoting of that infamous letter. If the government offers a plan, it will be unfair competition. AND it will put the insurance companies out of business because they just can't get their overhead costs down low enough to compete. (Crocodile tear here.)

And here I thought that the "free market system" was the holy grail. I guess not, though. At least not if you have to actually compete. Not if you don't have a virtual monopoly on the industry (there are only 3 or 4 providers left). Not if you have to take all comers--even those with pre-existing conditions. Which the insurance companies have now broadened to include even a single convulsive episode in infancy and even pre-mature births and even broken bones in childhood.

What is so terrible about a government-run, single-payer system? I still have yet to hear any argument against it that is not extremely easily refuted by the facts as they currently exist. Medicare works. Ask anyone who has it. And those Republican congressmen/women sure do love their government run health care coverage.

If you ever needed proof that the Republicans in power don't care about you and me, just look at this one issue.

Under a single-payer system, everyone pays in a modest amount; preventative care can increase (thus decreasing the number of many of those costly ER visits); no one will have to declare bankruptcy due to catastrophic medical expenses; I just don't see a down side.

Send the message to the White House. Health Care for All. Sign the pledge. Check out the offerings at the site.

If anyone asks, say "Medicare for All."

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