Friday, March 20, 2009

A Look Back

Wisdom according to Maxine:
  • Someday women will rule the Earth.
  • I only hope we don't have to wear what they wore in those '50s sci-fi movies.
(Those pointy, push-up bra-tops, you know. And those ridiculously high heels. Those teeny, tiny waisted skirts/dresses. Oh, and the girdles.)

Only men think of the 50s with nostalgia and want to go back.

Remember, that was the era when there were only a very few female doctors or lawyers or scientists. And the ones who did exist were invisible and the men got ALL the credit.

Women were actively (and craftily) kept out of medical school and law school and advanced studies in science and math. "They will just get married and go home to have babies" was the rallying cry and raison d'etre for the denials.

Women who did work were largely looked down-on. Day-Care centers did not exist as such.

Women could not borrow money without a male co-signer.

Sorry, but I have to stop thinking about the 50s now. I am disgusted -- again. As I was while I survived the 50s and heard so much "No you can't. You're a girl."

Never again.

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