Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greed Is Good -- ?

I may be doing less blogging, but luckily for you others are still at it.

Robert Creamer at Institute for America's Future gives us in interesting look at the "greed is good" philosophy in his blog, "AIG Bonuses and Wall Street's 'Greed is Good' Values".
  • In fact, of course, "greed" was never "good". The ethical and religious teachings that have evolved over thousands of years of human development don't hold up "greed" as a value. The minister, priest, imam or rabbi doesn't get up on the Sabbath and encourage his congregates to go be "greedy".
  • Commitment to others — commitment to our country — selflessness — that's what is good. Most everyday Americans understand that to their core. They get chills when they hear about the soldier who sacrifices his life for his buddies. They are inspired by the doctor who devotes himself to heal people who can't afford health care.
  • They know instinctively that hard work — and sacrificing for your kid's future — and teaching the next generation — and inventing cures for diseases because they will help other people — and creating something that is beautiful, or improves the lives of your fellow human beings — those are the things that are "good" and should be valued by our society.
  • They know that the highest calling of human beings is not to go make as much money as you possibly can, but rather to live a life of service to other people.
Do unto others ....

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