Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Liberal Agenda

Guess what my gentle snowflakes--there is a liberal agenda. Oh yes, there really, really is.

The great liberal agenda, the object of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, is to make life better for every individual in this country.

The Liberal Agenda is based on a truly simple concept, one that every American can understand with no interpretation whatsoever.

We're good neighbors.

Very simply, we want the best not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us. We want this because we believe that every person deserves a life in which they can be healthy, free, and happy. (Those three ring a bell for anyone--life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?)

And this causes the liberal run business community to labor under a great financial disadvantage, due to the fact that a true liberal mindset is impelled to pay its employees enough money to actually support a family. While the conservative mindset will pay only an impecunious, piddling sum thereby extracting the largest portion for themselves. And, on an even larger scale, the conservative is also willing, with no thought except for himself, to offshore production facilities in order to get the cheapest labor the market will offer in order to make a larger profit which is then used to increase the power structure of the conservative aspect of the business community.

So here is the basic problem of any politician who allows his/her rhetoric to be guided by his/her fears of failure. You can't spread the gospel if you're afraid to speak it. It seems like Democrats forgot James Carville's basic lesson of political summer school: "It's hard for your opponent to say bad things about you when your fist is in his mouth.

Remember, it is a deeply offensive sleight of hand that would allow the repackaging of the Founding Fathers, Abolition and the Civil Rights Movement into right wing victories. In fact, they were not. These movements all fought against right wing orthodoxy.

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