Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Great Cell Phone Adventure

Now, I am probably one of the last 7 people on the North American continent who does NOT own a cell phone. That is because I do not and did not want one. Just another gadget to rule my life. Just more money going out of my pocket each month.

So, of course, yesterday I bought one -- for my 90 year old mother.

Why, you ask. Well, I had recently checked my mother into what we used to call a rest home. (That, in itself has been eventful to say the very, very least.)

The cell phone purchase was quite an experience. But it seemed to be the least expensive and quickest way to get phone service for Mother.

This is important because Mother has only one living relative of her generation left--a cousin with whom Mother was raised and who lives 240 miles away. So an in-person visit is probably out of the question. But these two have a tradition of speaking on the phone each Saturday for an hour or hour and a half. That has not been happening since Mother went into the rest home. I wanted that to change.

I entered the cell phone purchase thing with quite a few apprehensions (that are still not allayed) and I learned a few things:
  1. I am very glad I live in a small, small town with a local store dedicated to all things cell phone.
  2. I was very lucky that I encountered a patient, understanding, helpful salesperson.
  3. Even though I had listened carefully to my family and friends talk about what they liked and didn't like about their cell phones/plans, I still did not ask ALL the questions I should have asked. (I probably don't even know them yet.)
  4. There are never enough questions asked. So don't sweat it. (Boy, I hope that is true.)
  5. I have a lot to learn about the damn thing. But that is the easy part. I have to learn it all well enough to explain it to Mother so that she can apply what I have learned.
Well, I am still among the last 7 people on the North American continent who does not carry a cell phone. A girl has got to maintain her standards.

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  1. Good luck with your mom and the cell phone. My mom still calls wanting to know what is wrong with her phone. It is a never ending saga...