Friday, January 30, 2009

How Does Your Electric Company Do Power Cut-Offs?


I didn't miss this so much as I wanted to ignore it. So, it took The Mills River Progressive to prod me a bit and now I am mad. (That nasty wolf is apparently creeping over and stealing food from the good wolf. Honestly, I have been trying to keep him from getting anything, but he is a crafty creature.)

I have been following for some time the trashy treatment our veterans receive after they have served us will everything short of their all. It usually makes me so mad I have no words. So, I will borrow these from The Mills River Progressive.

Do you care? Do something.
  • This is how America values its veterans and cares for the elderly and infirm.

  • A World War II vet, medic, and purple heart award winner froze to death inside his home after the power company in Bay City, Michigan installed a device on his power supply that shut it off. City Electric Light and Power stated that Marvin Schur hadn't been paying his bills, but they never bothered to call him or check on him, nor explain what they were doing to his power supply. He was found frozen to death inside his home by neighbors who were checking on him. He had several coats on, and his feet were frostbitten. The Coroner said that he died a slow, painful death. That was Mr. Schur's final reward for his exemplary service to this country, and a lifetime of paying taxes. He was said to have paid his bills on time without fail for over 50 years, but apparently was exhibiting signs of dementia. His wife had died two years earlier, and they had no children.
  • This is a glaring example of what "our" government really values. There's an endless supply of money for greedbag financiers, shysters, and cheats, but spending money on health and human services for everyone is "socialism". How many people die in this country because they couldn't afford the tests or treatments that could have saved them? How many of our elderly and ill die alone, hungry or cold? This is a goddamned disgrace!
  • Purple Heart vet freezes to death in his home.

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